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Criteria for Inclusion in the NC 2-1-1 Database

North Carolina 2-1-1 (NC 2-1-1) is a United Way and local partner-based system with two call centers and a dedicated team of database coordinators that partner to collaboratively maintain a robust database of health and human services resources available by dialing 2-1-1 or through on-line search at

Download the Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria.

Criteria for Inclusion

Organizations must have been in business for a minimum of 12 months and meet all criteria A through E to be considered for inclusion.

  1. Provides a community service that can be classified within the AIRS/211 Taxonomy of Health and Human Services. 

  2. Offers services to the community at large, not just its own members.

  3. Has a legal status that meets one of the following criteria:

    1. Is a tax exempt, non-profit organization (charitable organization, church/religious organization or private foundation), verifiable by an online search or by providing a copy of the IRS Tax Determination letter to NC 2-1-1;

    2. Is a public, governmental organization (including federal, state, county or municipality);

    3. Is a business contracted by local government to provide an essential community service (Note: Unless the organization is nonprofit or governmental, the only services eligible to be listed are those provided through local government contract.);

    4. Is a business providing one or more of the following basic public utility services: electricity; gas; water; phone; cable; and/or Internet;

    5. Is an inter-agency health and human service organization (coalition, committee, or task force);

    6. Is a religious organization and offers a food pantry or soup kitchen to the community-at-large which is not restricted to their members;

    7. Is a licensed nursing home, residential care home, assisted living facility, adult day health facility, continuing care facility, hospital, home health provider or other for-profit service that meets the Activities of Daily Living or Independent Activities of Daily Living of older adults or persons with disabilities. NC 2-1-1 will maintain a general listing for those agencies licensed by the State and will refer to the State-maintained registry of licensed facilities rather than listing each facility individually;

    8. Other organizations may be considered for inclusion if they offer a unique service not available in the local nonprofit community or present other compelling reasons for inclusion.

  4. Has completed an NC 2-1-1 Add Your Agency form.

  5. Complies with NC 2-1-1 annual database updates and notifies NC 2-1-1 of service changes as they occur. 


Organizations/services that meet any criteria F through L will be excluded.

  1. Illegally discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, or sexual orientation or that violates federal, state, or local laws and regulations;

  2. Provides services that are listed by a specialized information and referral program with whom NC 2-1-1 has a cooperative working agreement;

  3. Is a private, for-profit service that offers services that can be met by C1-C8 above;

  4. Misrepresents their services in any way;

  5. Is unwilling to provide current updated information;

  6. Provides services that are available only to members of a certain group, club, or affiliation;

  7. Provides services that are limited to people who are already receiving another service from an organization.

NC 2-1-1 reserves the right to include or exclude any organization based upon direct working experience or knowledge of their services. Inclusion does not signify endorsement or recommendation. NC 2-1-1 neither guarantees nor makes any representation as to the accuracy or completeness of information within the database. NC 2-1-1 reserves the right to edit information to meet AIRS standards and styles, formatting, space requirements, and reading level accessibility. 

Add Your Agency or Program to the NC 2-1-1 Database

Click here to complete the form to add your agency and program information to the NC 2-1-1 database. 

For More Information

Email our Data Coordinators. 

Updated May 2019

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